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Don't settle for the ordinary.

Welcome to Forged, where your car meets art. We handcraft custom forged wheels, inspired by the world's tuning culture. Choose your bolts, spokes, engraving, finish, even invisible valves - tailored to your unique taste. Elevate your stance with Forged.
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  • Custom Wheels 3 Parts
  • Wheels 2 Parts


from 2200 € incl. tax

Rims Monoblock
Robust simplicity, carved from a single block for peak performance.
Forge your style.

2 Parts.

from 3700 € incl. tax

Rims 2 Parts
Crafted with a separate rim and center for distinctive elegance.
Forge your style.

3 Parts.

from 4200 € incl. tax

Rims 3 Parts
Unique assembly, dual-rim and center, offering ultimate customization freedom.
Forge your style.

Ride Forged.

Unleash your vehicle's potential with Forged wheels. Tailored to your style, crafted for performance. Don't settle for the ordinary. Request a quote now and start your journey towards a ride that truly defines you. Choose Forged.
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Custom Creations.

Discover our latest bespoke creations, proudly crafted for our esteemed clients.

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Need a tire lettering with your new wheels?

Enhance the look of your new wheels with unique tire lettering, making every trip a powerful expression of style with our partner : The Belgian Brothers
Customize your lettering now.